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Apply For A Grant

Additional Information

The Fred L. Emerson Foundation’s grantmaking is focused on the founder’s community of Auburn and the surrounding central New York area.


Organizations seeking our support are encouraged to review our Grant Guidelines


All proposals submitted for consideration must be completed through the Foundation's Online Application portal.  The online application link can be accessed on the right side of this page. 

Our online application portal reduces paper waste and streamlines the proposal process. If there are any questions about the online application process, please feel free to contact our office.

All proposals are accepted and considered on an ongoing basis.

A message to our higher education partners

The Emerson Foundation has made a strategic decision to re-focus on the local Auburn community.  Supporting private higher education institutions continues to be of interest to the Foundation, but with a narrowed focus on initiatives that will directly impact the Auburn community.


Higher education institutions are welcome to apply under our general application and will be expected to demonstrate how their proposal will help support members of the Auburn community to live, work and thrive.




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