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About Us

We continue the work of Fred L. Emerson, who invested in individuals and the community with such humility that very few people knew of how many lives were impacted by his generosity. Under the leadership of the Emerson family, along with independent directors, the Foundation continues Fred L. Emerson’s legacy as especially vigilant investors in select organizations where it believes it can make a critical and significant difference.

Additional Information

Board of Directors


Heather A. Emerson, Treasurer

W. Eric Emerson

W. Gary Emerson

Mary McLean Evans

Ann M. Huston

Alex Kinal Wagner, Vice President


Darlene G. Motley

Katelyn M. Perkins


Lori E. Robinson, President


Kristen E. Rubacka

Sally E. Wagner, Secretary


Daniel J. Fessenden

Executive Director


Kimberly A. Sbelgio

Office Administrator

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