A Message to Our Grantees and Partners about COVID-19

It is difficult to witness the sorrow, anxiety and economic hardship that are being caused by the coronavirus pandemic.  For nearly ninety years and through five generations the Fred L Emerson Foundation has been making a significant difference by providing support to organizations in Auburn and the surrounding central New York area. We are deeply invested in our community and, therefore, are committed to helping our partner organizations navigate through these unprecedented and challenging times. In response to this crisis, we have altered some of our processes and requirements.


To our community partners in Auburn and the surrounding central New York area


We care deeply about the work you do in our community and understand you are facing significant challenges.  Organizations that have received support previously from the Emerson Foundation are welcome to submit a request directly to us for general operating support or any other acute need caused by the current crisis. To submit a request, please:


  • Submit a letter that explains your circumstances, particular need and  specifies a requested amount;

  • Detail the measures you have taken to address these needs as well as other support you have received or are seeking; and

  • Submit your most recent financial statements.

Requests may be submitted via email to:  info@emersonfoundation.com 


To our partners in higher education


The higher education sector was experiencing significant systemic challenges before the coronavirus outbreak. The unprecedented interruptions and challenges caused by the crisis have only compounded the stress on all colleges and universities.  We understand this.  We will therefore consider requests for support outside our normal higher education grant cycle. If you feel we can be of assistance, we invite presidents to send us a letter explaining how you are responding to the crisis, any unanticipated expenditures your institution has incurred and other support you have received or will be seeking.  Please submit your letter together with your most recent financial statements to: info@emersonfoundation.com


We will do our best to consider all requests and respond in a timely manner.


We admire and thank all our partners for the critical work you continue to do in the face of uncertainty and disruption.


Kristen E. Rubacka, President



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